Park Crescent


Principal Contractor:
General Demolition

Amazon Property

TF Architecture

CDM Coordinator:
Gardiner and Theobald LLP

Consulting Services Engineer:
KUT Partnership

Structural Enginner:
Form Structural Design

Project Summary

Over a 9 week programme, General Demolition took on the challenge of beginning the necessary demolition works at Park Crescent all the time being mindful of the ‘live’ environment in which they were working.

Park Crescent’s history dates back to its original architect John Nash, the pioneer of picturesque architecture. The history and look of the building made Park Crescent the ideal ‘niche’ development that, our client, Amazon Properties were striving for.

General Demolition began with works being carried out in conjunction with an adjacent site at 92-96 Portland Place. A full time electrician was employed on site to identify, isolate and protect all the electric, phone and cable services that passed through the demolition area and into the residential areas.

The existing building was stripped out of all redundant M&E services in accordance with the M&E Consultant KUT’s specification. All partitions, non load bearing walls, suspended ceilings, raised access floors, floor and wall finishes and all internal doors were stripped out in accordance with the Architecture’s drawings.

Doors and screens were installed in to common areas to contain and secure the works areas, this was also put in place to protect residents and members of the public.

In keeping with General Demolition’s safe working policies, the contract was completed with no reported incidents and a recycling rate of 96%. The real challenge of the works was maintaining the services to the residents in the building and carrying out noisy works within agreed time shifts to accommodate the residents and adjoining court offices. Zero complaints from neighbours or third parties proved this is exactly what General Demolition managed to achieve.

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