We are a dedicated team of enabling works specialists

Our dedicated team of demolition and enabling works specialists have decades of experience delivering projects with success.

Enabling the future

We are a trusted specialist enabling works contractor working across London and the surrounding areas to deliver responsible demolition services.

Enabling works specialists

General Demolition began in the 1970s, and since then the company has grown exponentially in ambition and in character. With decades of knowledge, skill and experience behind us, we offer unparalleled enabling works services to projects across London.

Our dedicated team of enabling works specialists meticulously plan and execute the seamless delivery of complex enabling works projects. This includes demolition, strip out, structural modification, façade retention, remediation, asbestos management and recycling. We offer fundamental services that allow existing buildings the strongest foundations for change and give new projects the best start possible.

Our Story

The story

Enabling works specialists

General Demolition first began in the 1970s. We started as a small team of specialists helping to demolish remaining air raid shelters and structures from the war. Then followed many turbulent years, with economic recessions and climate disasters taking toll on the built environment. General Demolition grew to be known as the helping hand, providing the works needed to progress and rebuild. 

With over forty years’ experience, General Demolition is now a leading enabling works provider in London and the surrounding areas. We have had the privilege to work on famous buildings, streets rich with history and exciting new city developments. We are proud of the part we play in enabling the future of the built environment. 

After opening the environmental resource park in 1995, our focus on recycling grew stronger. Recycling quickly became a part of the company’s core values. General Demolition always strive for the most sustainable methods of demolition and business practices.

Our values

↳ The responsibility is ours:

Our values


We strive to do better.


We take responsibility.


We lead by example.


We respect our customers, our people, and the community & environment.

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