Terracycle Recycling

Crunch time for crisp waste

From toothbrushes, contact lenses and cosmetics to bread bags, crisp packets and pens; in everyone’s lives there are many waste streams that are not able to be recycled through normal household collections.

Terracycle is an innovative company which bridges the gaps in available recycling, they work with big name brands who sponsor Terracycle to provide the collection and recycling of their product packaging.   Thousands of communities across the UK have been able to register and set up local collections to help in the fight against waste.

A school local to the General Demolition head office were preparing to collect crisp packets through the Walkers sponsored scheme, but were on the look-out for suitable collection bins to be placed around the school.   We were delighted to be able to supply the school with a number of bins which we had recently rescued from a clearance and demolition project.

The school are now collecting crisp packets both from school lunches and from local families and as an additional bonus, if packets are sent in quantities of 5kg or more Terracycle gives a charity donation for their recycling efforts.  It feels like a ‘double-win’ for us having been able to save and recycle the bins and also help the local community start-up their own recycling project.