Bats in the belfry

Far removed from the flapping, blood-thirsty beasts portrayed in horror movies, the humble bat is a very vulnerable British mammal. All British bats and their roosts are legally protected, making their presence a very important consideration for development or demolition projects.

A bat survey is required to be carried out by a Bat Conservation official and, depending on the time of year, may take several visits to determine the extent of the bat inhabitation.  The outcome of the survey requires careful consideration as developers may need to address aspects of how a project proceeds.

General Demolition were appointed to demolish a residential dwelling in Guildford, Surrey. Following the discovery of a colony of bats in the roof space, Phase 1 of the project was to assist the Bat Conservation Officer in relocating them. Sections of the roof tiles were carefully removed to allow more light into the roof space, this was to encourage the bats to find an alternative roost in specially designed bat boxes provided by General Demolition.    Over a period of several evening visits the Bat Conservation officer continued to monitor activity until satisfied that the bats were no longer roosting.  Full details of this project can be read here