Case studies

Bushey Road, Raynes Park

Project Overview

Originally the premises of British Salmson Aero Engines, the prominent art deco clock tower has been an iconic feature of Raynes Park. Despite efforts, the buildings have remained derelict for many years and planning is underway for the development of a retail park.

General Demolition was contracted to demolish all buildings to the ground floor slab in preparation for the main contractor to commence investigations for contract works. This included an environmental clean of the main buildings to remove a significant build up of debris and the hand removal of the asbestos roof.

Plans in the new development include a replica of the current tower with the installation of the original clock faces. General Demolition carefully removed the four clock faces with a team inside the tower and a manned 35m high reach outside. This ensured the four clocks were removed without damage, ready for storage.

Neighbourhood liaison

The primary consideration was the proximity of the local school at the rear of the site. Liaison with the school was positive throughout the works and General Demolition worked closely with them to limit the disruption and discuss safety matters. Where possible, work was scheduled at the weekend and arrangements were made for the school to relocate the playground away from the adjoining boundary for a short period.

Phase 2 of the project was to crush all the arisings from the demolition which achieved a 95% recyclability rate.

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