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Langham Street

General Demolition delivered safe and efficient asbestos removal and protected the charming facade of Langham Street while undertaking the enabling works on this project.

Project Overview

General Demolition undertook the exciting and technically challenging project on the redevelopment of 38 Langham Street. The wide-ranging programme required both specialist asbestos removal and facade retention techniques.

Our works on the charming red-brick facade of Langham Street enabled the transformation from small office spaces to seventeen beautiful apartments, ranging from stylish studios to luxury penthouses.

Assess, consider, deliver

Firstly, our specialist contractors removed a significant quantity of notifiable asbestos from the existing buildings. This was performed in compliance our health and safety standards.

Then, in preparation for the façade retention, the internal building fabric was stripped out by hand. Hand demolition avoids potential damage to the historic structure and minimises disturbance to neighbouring properties.

General Demolition Asbestos Removal Case Study
Images courtesy of Darling Associates

Protect and preserve

Due to the grade II listing, fixings were not permitted on the external façade. As an innovative alternative, we used concrete kentledge with an internal waling beam system, affixed through the existing window openings. 

Once we had secured the frontage, we concluded our part in the project with the demolition of the internal structure, down to and including the basement slab.

We achieved the maximum recyclability rate of 90% (due to the amount of hazardous waste content). All hazardous waste was disposed of safely with our trusted waste management partners.

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