Case studies

Summer Court

Project Overview

Summer Court consisted of a two-story residential property and garage set in its own grounds of North Down Lane, Guildford. The work consisted of complete demolition of the property, slab removal and crushing.

Ecological conversation

Before work commenced the property was inspected and was found to have bats in the roof space. In order to relocate them, numerous bat boxes were fixed around the property to provide alternative roosts.

Using an elevated platform and under the instruction of a Bat Conservation Officer, sections of the roof tiles were removed to increase the light within the roof space, to coax bats to vacate without physically disturbing them. Within a week the area was inspected again, and it was certified as bat free.

Demolition method

The top-down demolition was carried out mechanically leaving the services in place ready for their scheduled disconnection in November. Once these were removed, work continued to remove the slab which was crushed and re-used on-site as a piling mat.

Road access to the site was a narrow, single track private road. During the project there were periods where the movement of machinery blocked access, it was vital for General Demolition to liaise with residents to minimise inconvenience. We maintained close contact with one resident, a doctor, to ensure that they were always able to exit the road while on call. In addition, the road surface was protected with matting when tracked machinery was moved on and off site, to prevent damage.

All work was completed on time and is now scheduled for redevelopment as residential flats. The project achieved a high recycling rate of 98%.

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