General Demolition gets the Monopoly on Mayfair

Having been involved in a number of high end property re-developments across London in the past months, General demolition recently found themselves in Mayfair for the demolition of No.73 Brook Street.

With its vibrant shops, restaurants and hotels, Mayfair is easily one of London’s most prestigious quarters with establishments like Claridge’s and the U.S. Embassy calling Mayfair their home. A rich variety of architecture and historic buildings, dating back to the 17th century further defines the character of the area.

With No. 73 Brook Street covering approximately 14,500 ft², development companies were understandably excited about the opportunity of redeveloping a site within such a prestigious location but it was Clivedale Ventures who eventually secured the site to serve as their new headquarters.

To enable the construction of the new headquarters to begin the current building, with its red granite facade and dark windows, would have to go and so in November 2014 General Demolition were charged with the 7 month task of demolishing the 1970’s building to ground floor slab level, as well as facilitating the necessary temporary works needed for the demolition to take place.

A straight forward enough task it seems but with No.73 surrounded on all sides by neighbouring buildings, one of which being the famous Savile Club and a major London Underground tunnel only 30 meters below the surface of the site itself, It was clear from the outset great care would need to be taken at every step of the demolition to ensure disturbance were kept to a minimum.

To guarantee the least amount of disruption General Demolition needed to ensure the work was carried out in a safe and considerate manner. Keeping the lines of communication flowing was also key with a perfect example being the special arrangements that were made with the neighbouring Savile Club to keep noise to a minimum during the Savile Club’s busy lunchtime period of 12 noon until 2pm.

In keeping with General Demolition’s safe working policies, the contract at No.73 Brook Street is currently on track for completion in June 2015 and with zero reportable incidents to date, neighbouring parties are happy to confirm they’ve got no complaints.