General Demolition Returning London to its former glory

London councils appear keen to support the growing number of planning applications to convert old hotel properties that were originally designed to be private residences, back into residential leinster-square-pic2 use. Keeping the historic architectural look that London has always been famous for.

Alchemi Group is one of the companies moving forward with this trend and work started on 13-19 Leinster Square in June 2014, with General Demolition firmly behind the wheel of a soft-strip back to the main building whilst maintaining original fixtures, an important aspect of keeping the traditional look of this listed building.

13-19 Leinster Square still remains an example of the time period when it was originally built with its Italianate style classic brick and stucco render look proving very popular all over London in its day, particularly throughout the Bayswater area.

When completed and returned to its original front facing look Leinster Square will be ready for 15 luxury homes, providing approximately 4600m2/49,000 ft2 of high-end designer homes.

With development companies excited about the trend of renovation sweeping across London at the moment, 2014 has proved to be a busy year for General Demolition having been involved in a number of high end property redevelopments across London.

leinster-square-pic1-3General Demolition’s Project Manager for Leinster Square, Clive Wilsdon had this to say about the impact the current trends have had and the future of the demolition industry.
“It has been a real opportunity for General Demolition to be involved with the progress that is currently being made in London. We already have completed work on some amazing buildings with some of the companies that are pushing London’s development further. It is a busy time with ongoing projects still in progress as well. With several large cities across England all motivated to improve and rebuild their existing buildings and plots this is making it a productive time for the demolition industry as a whole”.

As parts of London continue to undergo a facelift and developers look to the city’s past to create its future, General Demolition can confidently say it was there.