Construction News Specialist Awards: Tackling Climate Change

General Demolition Sustainability

We are pleased to announce our nomination for the Tackling Climate Change Award at the Construction News Specialists Awards 2021.

Construction News Specialists Awards are the only national awards designed to recognise the outstanding achievements of specialist contractors. The awards highlight the inspirational businesses and projects across the industry. 

We are so pleased to announce that our entry for the Tackling Climate Change Award has been shortlisted, making us finalists at this year’s ceremony which, after a year of virtual meetings, will be held in person on the 19th October, 2021. 

Tackling Climate Change

The Tackling Climate Change category is particularly important to us at General Demolition. We work hard to ensure our projects are delivered responsibly, with our first thoughts reserved for considering the best mode of practice for the environment. 

General Demolition’s mission is to accelerate the change to fully sustainable demolition. We aim to raise the standards of responsible demolition so that the actions we take today, build a better tomorrow.

The General Demolition recycling and waste management process enables us to reach between 95% and 100% recyclability rates across our demolition projects. We also partner with charities to prioritise re-use before recycling. This means we are able to deliver hundreds of items, otherwise destined for landfill, to schools and small businesses to be used again.

The four General Demolition values lead the way we do business, and are visible in everything we deliver:

  • Progressive – we strive for better
  • Determined – we lead by example
  • Integrity – we take responsibility
  • Considered – we respect our people, clients, community and environment.

We hope our actions inspire others in the industry not just to deliver sustainable demolition as an extra, but as the standard.

We are humbled to be recognised for our efforts on Tackling Climate Change and we look forward to the ceremony.

General Demolition Finalist

You can read more about our recycling services and our commitment to sustainable demolition on our website.

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