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Commercial and mixed-use developments

Commercial & Mixed-use

The future of commercial property is changing. We can help you get ahead of the curve on your new development with our expert enabling works services.

Across London, there is a growing appetite for fresh, modern commercial spaces. As strip out and commercial demolition specialists, we support the development of new and refurbished commercial properties.

General Demolition has decades of experience in the strip out and demolition of commercial property. We provide seamless enabling works that allow for the redesign and redevelopment of commercial spaces. If you would like to discuss how we can add value to your commercial project, get in touch today.

Commercial Demolition and Enabling Works - General Demolition

Our experience in the commercial sector

Operating in London, we have direct access to the City and the concentrated hub of commercial operations. This means our portfolio displays an ever-growing collection of exciting commercial developments we have worked on through the years.

Commercial Demolition and Enabling Works - General Demolition

Commercial demolition and enabling works services

We have worked on leading developments in the commercial sector for many years. Our experience in strip out and demolition is second to none, demonstrated by how often our clients return to us with each new commercial project they secure.

Projects in the commercial sector are often located in the busy city, with close neighbouring properties and multiple storeys to consider. Our skilled team have the nuance and understanding required to navigate the complexities of a range of commercial projects, from multi-storey offices, modern residential accommodation, and exciting retail developments. 

Do you have an upcoming commercial project?

We would be happy to discuss how we could help you with an upcoming project in the commercial and mixed-use sector. Get in touch and talk to one of our enabling specialists today.


Other industries we work in

Over the last forty years, General Demolition has accumulated vast amounts of experience and expertise across a variety of sectors, meaning we can confidently approach every enabling works project with a targeted, responsible methodology

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