Education and Healthcare

Enabling the future at the heart of our communities

Education and Healthcare

Our enabling works services provide schemes to build schools, colleges and hospitals with strong foundations

Schools and colleges are exciting places, full of hope and potential, and all know how important our hospitals and surgeries are to our community.

As with all our projects, we bring our responsible approach to delivering enabling works in the education and healthcare sector. We see our work as integral to the community to ensure the best developments can be delivered, and new schools and hospitals can be provided across London and the south of England.

Demolition for Education and Healthcare - General Demolition

Our comprehensive experience

General Demolition have many years of experience delivering successful enabling works projects across the education and healthcare sector, from demolition to allow for new developments or strip-outs for internal transformations that unite communities.

Demolition for Education and Healthcare - General Demolition

Adding value to community developments

When our clients begin demolition projects in the education and healthcare sector, they are delivering for entire communities. We understand the importance of care and communication on these developments and, with our experience, we are the perfect partner to provide enabling works for projects in this industry.

Previous projects we have worked on in this sector include several education developments across London, including the enabling works at Richmond College, as well as a range of hospital developments and refurbishments in London and the surrounding Home Counties.

Do you have an upcoming education or healthcare development?

We would be happy to discuss how we could help you with an upcoming project in the education and healthcare sector. Get in touch and talk to one of our enabling specialists today.


Other industries we work in

Over the last forty years, General Demolition has accumulated vast amounts of experience and expertise across a variety of sectors, meaning we can confidently approach every enabling works project with a targeted, responsible methodology

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