Enabling growth in the industrial sector


Advances in technology supply the UK industrial sector with endless opportunities for innovation. General Demolition is ready to help the industry boom.

We have many years’ experience in providing enabling works on developments designed to improve and grow the industrial sector. General Demolition has the knowledge and skill to prepare industrial land for construction. 

If you would like to discuss an upcoming industrial project with one of our enabling specialists, please get in touch today.

Our experience in industrial demolition

General Demolition have worked across many deconstruction and decommission projects in the industrial sector, from the dismantling of industrial plant and equipment to the strip out of large warehouse units in preparation for their next phase of use.

Unique and complex demolition projects

Projects in the industrial and manufacturing sector come with a unique set of challenges. Careful and considered remediation works are often necessary as many industrial projects will involve land contaminated from previous use, as well as increased chance of materials onsite containing asbestos that have to be managed, monitored and safely disposed of.

General Demolition have worked across industrial projects including the deconstruction of large warehouse units, fuel-filled tanks, and power stations. Our skilled team of specialists have the experience and knowledge to manage industrial projects at scale. 

Do you have an upcoming project in the industrial sector?

We would be happy to discuss how we could help you with any future industrial projects. Call and speak to one of our enabling specialists today.


Other industries we work in

Over the last forty years, General Demolition has accumulated vast amounts of experience and expertise across a variety of sectors, meaning we can confidently approach every enabling works project with a targeted, responsible methodology.

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