Waste Wood

Powering the UK

From roof beams to skirting boards, the building demolition industry produces tonnes of used wood every year and is often one of the more difficult materials to recycle. Thanks to an innovative transport system set up by Stobart Energy (part of the Stobart group) our waste wood is now helping to power the UK.

With all UK coal-fired power stations set to be decommissioned by 2025 there has been significant progress with electricity being produced using wood biomass as an alternative fuel.  Stobart Energy has secured a long-term agreement to supply two million tonnes of wood chip biomass to power stations across Britain, and as part of this chain it collects waste wood from sorting facilities such ours in Surrey.

All our demolition waste is sorted into various waste streams to provide optimum recycling opportunities, wood is brought back to our local facility and stored until there is enough for collection. Our wood is either taken to the nearest chipping facility or directly to power stations with onsite chipping capabilities.  In most cases woodchip is burnt to power steam driven turbines which produce electricity.  We are very proud to now be part of a system that helps keep wood our of landfill and also provides renewable energy to UK homes.