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Social Responsibility

Looking after our community 

Social value

We are committed to providing social value to our local community, as well as every community we work in across our projects.

As an enabling works contractor, we recognise the potential for disruption to the communities in which we work, especially where the use of heavy machinery is required. We believe open, clear, and frequent communication is the key to building strong relationships with the communities local to us and the projects we work on. It is our priority to maintain these relationships throughout our projects and beyond. 

If you would like to speak to one of our team regarding an ongoing or upcoming project, please get in touch.

Making a difference

We have been members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme for many years, and we are dedicated to fulfilling our responsibility to the wider community when we undertake enabling works projects that have potential to disrupt and change the community landscape. We work in visible, sensitive locations, often in the city where neighbouring buildings are close to our sites, and so it is our priority to ensure minimal disruption as possible.

How we help the local community 

We support local communities in a variety of ways. For example, our projects across London and the surrounding areas provide hundreds of local jobs and we always follow a local procurement strategy which returns economic value into the community. 

As well as using local labour supply and choosing to work with businesses local to each of our projects, we inject value into the wider community too. For example, we provide local schools with waste collection bins, and where possible, we donate furniture from our strip out projects to local schools and businesses. 

Charities & Volunteering

We partner with & support a number of local charities that provide vital care to communities across London and the UK. Our team members are encouraged to volunteer and fundraise for charities of their choice through our volunteer scheme.

Mates in Mind

The responsibility is ours

Our commitment

The below list represents the pillars of responsibility that we are committed to as individuals and as a business.

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