Our commitment

Health and Safety

We are serious about health and safety

Health and safety

At General Demolition, the safety of our operatives and visitors to our sites is of paramount importance and is always our number one priority for every project.

Health & Safety is fully integrated into our daily lives at General Demolition. As a business, we are driven by responsibility, and we cannot provide quality work or make a difference to the community and environment without first taking responsibility for our team. Health and Safety is built into every decision we make, ensuring we can provide safe, responsible enabling works on every project.

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Our experience

Operating at the forefront of the demolition industry for forty years has not softened our approach to projects. If anything, our experience has bolstered our respect for health and safety standards, and we are motivated to ensure we are delivering safe operations across all of our enabling works projects. 

Impeccable health and safety records

We implement rigorous risk assessments on all our sites and health and safety is carefully considered, planned, and programmed into the project at the earliest stage. 

All our site managers, supervisors and operatives undergo rigorous site safety training. Our safety record is excellent, and we have the CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) accreditation and SAFE contractor certificates that recognise the value of our Safety Management System and Site Safety Performance System

Due to our thorough assessments and regular internal audits with the help of our dedicated, full time SHEQ Manager, we benefit from an impeccable health and safety record which, in the interests of the safety of our staff and our sites, we endeavour to maintain with every effort.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

At General Demolition, we believe that health and safety considerations should go beyond mitigating health risks on site that could impact the physical body. We fully respect the impact of work on our minds. We support the charity Mates in Mind, who promote and lead on the development of positive mental wellbeing within the construction industry.

The responsibility is ours

Our commitment

The below list represents the pillars of responsibility that we are committed to as individuals, and as a business.

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