Our responsibility


Enabling the future, responsibly


At General Demolition, we take every effort to ensure that we are acting in the most environmentally responsible way throughout our operations.

We recognise the importance of our role in reducing the impact we make on the environment both globally and locally. As a company, we have designed and implemented a number of initiatives to combat our carbon emissions, innovate our waste management processes and to always source supplies locally where possible.

Our mission is to raise the standards of responsible demolition so that the actions we take today, build a better tomorrow. Our values; Progressive – to strive for better, Determined – to lead by example, Integrity – to take responsibility and Considered – to respect our people, clients, community and environment, are visible in all that we do. We hope that our actions inspire others in the industry not just to deliver sustainable demolition as an extra, but as the standard.

Accelerating the change to sustainable demolition

Demolition and construction waste has been recorded as a big global contributor to waste to landfill sites. At General Demolition, we take recycling very seriously and we use our own environmental resource park to ensure that we always achieve between 95-100% recyclability rates across our projects. One of the ways we recycle waste is through our Second Life Scheme where chairs, desks, computers, and other unused furniture is taken from our sites and distributed to local charities and small businesses.

Taking sustainability seriously 

General Demolition is guided by the ISO 14001 accreditation for environmental management which helps us to identify issues and improve our environmental performance through continual monitoring and support.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. To do this, we have set annual reduction targets at 6% to ensure we meet a 50% reduction by the year 2030. Ways in which we lower our carbon emissions is through utilising suppliers and facilities local to each individual project, reducing the distance covered by our vehicles. This also means we can bring an economic contribution to local businesses and labour supplies. 

Considered practices

We are fully committed to BREEAM requirements. Projects are subject to a pre-demolition audit where opportunities for waste prevention, reuse and recycling are identified, and the predicted volume of materials is assessed to maximise efficiency in required transport. An extensive Site Waste Management plan is then implemented, and all operatives are fully trained in the safe and efficient segregation and removal of waste. 

↳ The responsibility is ours

Our commitment

The below list represents the pillars of responsibility that we are committed to as individuals and as a business.

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