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Our technical expertise in responsible demolition works allows us to deliver exceptional solutions to complex projects.

London is a constantly evolving city, which makes it one of the most exciting capitals in the world. We take great pride in providing clients with the means to deliver their ambitions. Our demolition services have enabled the development of new homes, hospitals, schools and offices across London and the surrounding areas.

Our project management skills and expert demolition services allow us to tackle the most technically challenging and environmentally sensitive projects. Responsibility in all aspects drives our success in complex operations. To find out more about how we can add value to your development, please get in touch.

Demolition services


At General Demolition, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to demolition projects. Every development has unique requirements, and our meticulous planning and delivery method ensures every demolition project runs smoothly. Each project is carefully assessed before they are individually assigned to our experts, so our clients can be rest assured they are working with a team who are best placed to deliver success on their development.

A full-service, sustainable solution to demolition

Demolition projects in London can be naturally complex, with a multitude of considerations to make. At General Demolition, not only do we design and deliver the most responsible and effective demolition programme, but we also take care of the traffic management, waste management, neighbourhood liaison and site security.

We provide a full-service, sustainable demolition solution for our clients. Our demolition programmes are designed with sustainability at the forefront of every decision we make. With the advantage of our own recycling centre in Walton on Thames, Surrey, we consistently achieve over 98% recycling rate across all of our projects

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