Responsible remediation works

Demolition experts

We support developments by implementing carefully considered remediation programmes, preparing land for new use.

Remediation works are essential to ensuring the successful start of any future construction project on the land. Our enabling works specialists create a bespoke remediation solution to remove contaminants on the land such as waste or hazardous materials as part of a full-service enabling works package.

Our project management skills and expert remediation services allow us to tackle the most technically challenging and environmentally sensitive projects. Responsibility in all aspects drives our success in complex operations. To find out more about how we can add value to your project, please get in touch.

Remediation solutions

We offer remediation solutions as part of a full-service demolition package or as a standalone service to prepare brownfield sites for a future purpose.

When we provide soft strip services, we take responsibility for removing all non-structural elements inside and outside of a building to facilitate demolition, refurbishment or re-modelling works. We deliver our soft strip works both as a standalone service or part of an enabling works package. Our experienced team of enabling works specialists deliver successful soft strip projects of all values across London, from small complex projects to extensive high rise properties.

Developing brownfield land

Starting a project with identified contamination requires complex, detailed planning and remediation works before any construction can begin. Our enabling works specialists have decades of experience in delivering remediation services on demolition projects and brownfield sites across London and the surrounding areas.

We work closely with our network of trusted partners who will conduct surveys, ground investigations, sampling and analysis to identify any contaminants that exist on the land and determine how they can be remediated. Our enabling works specialists then establish a bespoke methodology for decontamination and remediation.

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