Façade retention

We protect and preserve buildings

Building preservation

With our expertise in façade retention, we are able to protect and preserve unique and listed buildings across London while delivering exceptional enabling works solutions.

In London alone, there are over 25,000 listed buildings. Our team of dedicated enabling works specialists have extensive expertise in façade retention, so we are able to protect and preserve unique or listed buildings as the capital evolves. 

Responsibility in all aspects drives our success in complex operations. To find out more about how our façade retention services can protect your building throughout its development, please get in touch.

Façade retention

As the needs and requirements for buildings change, clients look to enabling works specialists like us to help them transform their spaces. Many buildings have spectacular architectural design or are protected by listed status, so any enabling works planned must include façade retention programmes to ensure the preservation of the external façade, even where the internal building is completely transformed.

Delivering façade retention responsibly

General Demolition have decades of experience in delivering façade retention programmes across London. We offer considered, practical solutions to provide a complete façade retention service, including early-stage development and design as well as the construction of a range of façade support systems.

Façade retention programmes.


We work closely with our clients, their professional teams and local authorities on our façade retention programmes. Our responsible enabling works specialists have a meticulous approach to their planning and delivery of projects to ensure both the health and safety and success of each development.

Facade Retention General Demolition

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