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We take sustainability seriously. Our environmental resource park helps us achieve 100% recyclability rates.

When you work with General Demolition, you are making a decision to work with a company that values the impact it makes on the environment. Our bespoke waste management solutions are designed to support circular demolition and are built into our plans for every enabling works project we deliver.

Responsibility in all aspects drives our success in complex operations. Our team of dedicated enabling works specialists are committed to finding the most sustainable way to deliver on demolition and enabling works. To find out more about how we can add value to your project with our sustainable approach, please get in touch.

Responsible recycling

Recycling is an integral aspect of our service. We always aim for a 100% recyclability rate across our projects. Our average recycle rate is 98%, and our lowest is 95%. Our bespoke waste management plans assess the most sustainable way to recycle the waste across each demolition and enabling works project we deliver.

Promoting circular demolition

At General Demolition, we target our waste management process to support circular demolition practices. We extract and crush concrete and other materials to create recycled aggregates that can be redistributed and used within the construction industry. We also have a dedicated team that specialise in reclaimed bricks that have been saved from landfill for use in further developments. 

Construction and demolition waste is said to contribute to a third of overall landfill waste. We are constantly scrutinising our waste management process to strive towards circular demolition. We avoid sending demolition waste to landfill though reuse and recycle initiatives. 

Across our strip-out works, we collaborate with charities and the community to re-home any items remaining on site that have not met their economical lifespan. Desks, chairs and tables are distributed to schools and local businesses within a 5-mile radius of our projects. 

We are serious about sustainability


At General Demolition, we are committed to delivering sustainable operations across our business. Read more about our sustainability initiatives.


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