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Safe & smart

We work closely with our trusted structural engineers to provide smart, safe and fit-for-purpose temporary works solutions during deconstruction.

Over the last four decades, we have formed strong relationships with leading structural engineers. Together, we design and install complex temporary works schemes to support our demolition and deconstruction projects. 

Responsibility in all aspects drives our success in complex operations. To find out more about how we can add value to your development, please get in touch.

temporary works general demolition

How we deliver temporary works

Many construction and demolition projects require the implementation of temporary works solutions to enable the protection and support of the building for the duration of the project. We work closely with our structural engineers to assess the needs of the building before designing smart, safe solutions that are bespoke to the requirements of the project.

Assess, consider, deliver

We work cohesively with a project’s professional design team to discover and understand the requirements of the permanent solution before devising the most appropriate, cost and time effective plan for the temporary works. When bringing together creative engineering with meticulous planning, the result is a bespoke plan designed to support our clients across a range of demanding and challenging programmes. 

Temporary works solutions

Temporary works

When undertaking a project that requires extensive temporary works arrangements, there are many things to consider. As well as the meticulous planning and research our team carry out prior to installation, our project managers also liaise with neighbours and surveyors to facilitate any existing party wall agreements and continue to keep in frequent contact with the adjoining neighbours to ensure smooth running of the project.

Temporary Works General Demolition
Temporary Works General Demolition
Temporary Works General Demolition

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