Supporting a sustainable built environment through the UKGBC.


General Demolition are proud members of the UK Green Building Council. The UKGBC is uniting the UK building industry using sustainability as a catalyst to positively transform the places people use every day.

In 2021 General Demolition became members of the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) to support our mission of improving the sustainability of the built environment. 

Every day we work on the built environment and believe it is vital to ensure we are making researched and informed decisions on how we can best support our environment throughout the course of our everyday actions as a business. 

Being a member of the UKGBC gives our team access to a community which shares the skills and knowledge required to create sustainable change and provides research and workshops to build on training, learning and development.

We are looking forward to beginning our membership with the UK Green Building Council and implementing the shared knowledge and experience in our everyday actions as a business and learning how we can support the built environment.

You can read more about our commitment to the sustainable built environment of the future by reading more on our sustainability page.

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